Badminton Technique

VIDEO – Badminton Technique: Learning Deceptive Shots!
There are articles about trick and deceptive shots coming up and I already posted several videos on Youtube. With the following clip I want to encourage coaches to teach deceptive shots with young children.
Badminton Glossary: Explanation of the most important Badminton terms – Part III
As beginner or even as an advances player or coach some terms used by other players or coaches are sometimes leaving question marks. This Three-Part-Series covers most of the terms used. Part III covers Badminton strokes and shots.
VIDEO Double Defense – Practice Technique in High Speed
At the beginning of technique learning imitating with slow motions and having less pressure helps in learning a new skill. But once acquired the new skill has to be put in more game like situation. Especially when it comes to double defense, speed is required.
VIDEO Net Shots From Different Positions
This short video shows a technique refining sequence of training net shots for men singles – it should work as a reminder, that net shots are not only to be practiced from one position.
VIDEO Three different trick shot presented by German U19 Champion
Trick shots a a fun and important way of bringing your Badminton game to the next level. There a number of trickshots - the following video shows 3 different in realtime and in slow motion.
VIDEO Badminton Double Defence Technique - How it works
Defense is an important par in Badminton doubles. Especially the counter defense is an important technique to learn. The following article shows how it can look like and explains key points of it.
VIDEO An exercise for changing the grip in Badminton
The change of grip is an important element of a good Badminton technique. Without the right grip the whole technique could fall apart. As in Badminton there is not much time between two strokes, the change and adjustment of the grip should be as fluent and as fast as humanly possible.
VIDEO Badminton Trick Shot: Deceptive Shot at the Net - Backhand
Trick shots are not only fun and also an important tactical solution in Badminton which are commonly used by world class Badminton athletes like Lin Dan (CHN), Viktor Axelsen (DEN) or Marc Zwiebler (GER), but also essential in developing technically good Badminton players.
VIDEO Badminton Technique: Feint Shot with Grip Change
Grip change in Badminton is an essential skill that beginners should practice early as possible. The following Badminton trick shot is a fun way to do this.
VIDEO - Beginner's Exercise for Change of Grip
Changing the grip fast and effectively is critical for a good Badminton player. Many technique errors occur because of a bad set up or starting position. That includes the position and stance on court and of course the right grip.
VIDEO - Two Badminton feint or trick shot in front backhand corner
Feint shots used by top players like Lee Chong Wei or Lin Dan not only look spectacular in the game and are a required tactical solutions in modern Badminton, their training also improves general Badminton racquet handling.
VIDEO Badminton Technique: Backhand Cross Drop Shot at the Net
In Badminton the backhand cross drop at the net is not only an important tactical solution but also a perfect technical starting point for the cross court backhand defense - a shot professional players like Lin Dan or Lee Chong Wei use constantly.
Badminton Technique: Touch and Feeling at the Net for a better Stop
Having a good feeling and touch of the shuttle at the net is very important for both single and double players. It does not matter if we look at famous Koo Kien Kiet in Mens Double, Liliana Natsir in Mixed Double or mighty Lin Dan - all top players have a superb touch and can produce net-cord shots from almost any position in the front court. This Video shows how to develop them with young players.
Badminton Technique - How to learn Badminton Trick Shots
Most people who watch Badminton are impressed by trick or feint shot, even used by top players like Lin Dan, former Taufik Hidayat and Peter Gade - but found it difficult to learn and execute them, even in training. The following video shows a real life example how trick shots in Badminton could be teached.
Badminton Technique - How to learn the Yong Bo Drop Deception in Badminton
Li Yong Bo, leading coach of Badminton China, was the first one to use the deceptive shot from the rear court that was by this reason named after him. See in the following video, how the shot could be broken down and taught to kids and beginners in Badminton training.
Badminton Technique - Learn to play both Cut Drop Shots from the Rear Court
There are not many Badminton players who are able to play both the cut drop shot and the reverse cut drop shot from the rear court both longline and cross court. The following exercise will help you and your players improve the fundamentals of these strokes.
Badminton Technique - Develop short Badminton racquet movements in the front court
Short racquet movements are necessary at high level Badminton because less time requires shorter and faster movement and additionally shorter movements inherited the possibility of shots that are more difficult to anticipate by the opponent.
Badminton Smash Technique - How To Jump Smash
Next to overhead backhand strokes and trick shots, the jump smash is "the king" of strokes of all Badminton technqiues. Eventhough I would not recommend using is regulary if you haven't reached a certain level - it makes sense to practice it for various reasons.
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