Badminton Technique - Learn to play both Cut Drop Shots from the Rear Court

There are not many Badminton players who are able to play both the cut drop shot and the reverse cut drop shot from the rear court both longline and cross court. The following exercise will help you and your players improve the fundamentals of these strokes.

The exercise or better the exercise focus in the video was introduced to me by former German national coach Jakob Hoi, now working for Badminton England. The set-up is es easy as it could get. One player or the coach in the front court playing high lifts into the back of the Badminton court, while the player exercises is playing two cut and two reverse cut drop shots into the same half court.

Of course there are unlimited possibilities for the player to set the training focus, for me the three following are special for this exercise set-up: First getting a feeling of the two different cut drop shot, second to work and proper hip and leg positioning influencing number three which is direction of the shuttle.

But why one half of the Badminton court? Most of the players only play cut shots only cross court - by limiting the court size, the player actually has to learn how to adapt and play longline shots - if the right footwork is used, progressing these up to cross is easy. Enjoy the video!


Diemo Ruhnow

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