VIDEO Three different trick shot presented by German U19 Champion

Trick shots a a fun and important way of bringing your Badminton game to the next level. There a number of trickshots - the following video shows 3 different in realtime and in slow motion.

Trick shots are not only used by top players like Lin Dan, former Peter Gade and the current German Champion Marc Zwiebler. Trick shots - as state in the previous article about learning decpetive shots - are an important training tool in youth training.
The following trick shots (or deceptive shots how coaches often call them) are presented by Patrick Kämnitz. Patrick was U19 German Champion in 2011, Winner of the Team Event of the prestigious European Six Nations 2011 and recently won his frist German Ranking Tournament in the summer of 2013.
See for yourself and have fun trying them:


Diemo Ruhnow

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