VIDEO Badminton Trick Shot: Deceptive Shot at the Net - Backhand

Trick shots are not only fun and also an important tactical solution in Badminton which are commonly used by world class Badminton athletes like Lin Dan (CHN), Viktor Axelsen (DEN) or Marc Zwiebler (GER), but also essential in developing technically good Badminton players.

The following shot can be performed in both the forehand and backhand frontcourt. The actually deception is, that by placing the racket head under the shuttle, that the opponent has to cover the frontcourt because a drop shot can easily performed. In the right moment just before the impact of the shuttle, a short backswing is taken to create the momentum needed for the lift - a stroke from the net into the rearcourt cornes.

This shot can easily be teached to beginners and young children – give it a try!


Diemo Ruhnow

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