VIDEO Badminton Technique: Backhand Cross Drop Shot at the Net

In Badminton the backhand cross drop at the net is not only an important tactical solution but also a perfect technical starting point for the cross court backhand defense - a shot professional players like Lin Dan or Lee Chong Wei use constantly.

In the following video, training of the backhand cross drop shot at the net is presented. The movement of the this shot is a quite complex one, but most important as with everthing it the right foundation or starting point for this Badminton stroke.

As you see me poiting out in the video is the key point which I consider very important: to start the movement very high. This does not only allow a high hitting point, but also me the technique not only look right, but also easier. A possible coaching cue would be "hand high". The following movement is a combination of a adduktion and retroversion of the upper arm, a slight flexion of the fore arm - coaching cue would be "elbow towards body". The most important parts for me are the rotation of the forearm (supination) and the bending of the wrist. A fluent combination of these to as seen in the video is key for a good cross shot at the net. As a coach, I constantly say "hand up, hand down" and gives cues both for the rotation and the bending of the wrist.

As statet above, the cross shot at the net is for me the perfect starting point for a good backhand defense for Badminton singles. A technique that is often not developed very good, even on international competing Badminton juniors. For developing this, you start with the shot at the net as stated above. After a few shots have the player move back into the court both linear and lateral (towards the center), the player still should focus an "hand up, hand down" - movement, but you as a coach start throwing the shuttels still long-line but with every 3-4 shuttles deeper and lower into the court. If the players has difficultees in one position, just move back into the last working position and starting working the way down from there again.

Have fun trying it with your players - here is the video:


Diemo Ruhnow

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