VIDEO Net Shots From Different Positions

This short video shows a technique refining sequence of training net shots for men singles – it should work as a reminder, that net shots are not only to be practiced from one position.

Winning the net as in meeting the shuttle early and placing dangerous strokes is very if not the most important thing in nearly all disciplines. When we look at the singles game, one has to understand three offensive point of impact in the front court. As hitting precise shots at the net is very important, one has to practice also from these three points which are:
i) near the net
ii) far from the net
iii) the shuttle tumbling near the net
When training it has to be clear, that all these need to be practiced – either in a more accidental pattern or in an more organized pattern like 100 near the net, 100 far from the net and 50 tumbling. This could look like in the following video:


Diemo Ruhnow

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