Badminton Smash Technique - How To Jump Smash

Next to overhead backhand strokes and trick shots, the jump smash is "the king" of strokes of all Badminton technqiues. Eventhough I would not recommend using is regulary if you haven't reached a certain level - it makes sense to practice it for various reasons.

Learning and executing the jumpsmash in training situation is different to being able to play and use it in match situations or even in training with a life shuttle. The problem? A complex movement in a small timeframe.

To be able to jump smash, we have to solve three main problems:

a) the right footwork to have enough time and a solid base to start the movement

b) the jump itself with a proper timing

c) the hitting movement as a complex kinetic chain movement.

Before I go into more details have a look at the following video:

Before we proceed to the high speed slow motion video, lets talk about the three points:

a) Footwork - two important parts here: small fast steps to cover enough ground to have optimal time under the shuttle and arrive in the optimal position to execute the push off without taking an addiotnal step. Here you have two possibilities - either take steps and in the last position close your feet together for the narrow stance or jump into the position. The last one offers the possibility to have a better push of, but you need optimal timing (or use a small jump in the end).

b) the jump itself - I would recommend to practice 3 variations without a shuttle to be able to play with the timing: a) practice jumping to reach a higher height b) practice the whole movement in place and c) practice it in form of shadow runs starting almost from the center of the court. When you are safe with those movement, turn to multi shuttle and try to get the timing. Don't compromise technique at that point.

Before I get to the last point, have a look at the slow motion video:

The last point focuses on the technique:

The technique itself is in general not different from a clear or smash in the standing version. If you look at especially Asien players, you will recognise that even the "standing" version will incoperate a small jump. Now for the jump smash it is important to generate not only the push off from the outside leg, but also to start the hip and / or shoulder rotation by leaving the shoulder rectangular to the net while pushing up and forward with the outside leg. Using this technique will help you to use as much as possible (or needed!) upper body rotation.

Hope you like the article, have fun in practice,

Coach Diemo Ruhnow

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