VIDEO Badminton Double Defence Technique - How it works

Defense is an important par in Badminton doubles. Especially the counter defense is an important technique to learn. The following article shows how it can look like and explains key points of it.

A good defence is key in Women's and Men's Doubles and of course in the mixed discipline. In my opinion (and thank god I am not alone) the counter defense is an important technique and should be teached very early in the player's developement. Not only for tactical reason, but also becomes a lot of important techqniue principles come into play.
First, start with the stance. If we look at top players from all around the word, for example Victor powered Lee Yong Dae or Chinese Nr. 1 Fu HaiFeng and Cai Yun, they use a wide stance with feet almost parallel (with slight adjustment depending on the situation) - to implement it into you own players game or here, there stance. The stance of the boy in the video could be even wider.
Second arm and Badminton racquet movement: the whole chain - depending on how much time is in the situation - should work. At the beginning of technqiue learning, the players should be given a little more time, so both feeding speed and frequence should be lower as in the game. When the main principles of the Badminton technique are see in the players movement, the speed should be elevated to a more gamelike level. At the moment, when you as a coach are satisfied with the technique, speed and frequence could be even higher - elevated to a level which is higher than their game level or their goal game level - that makes the real situation even easier (e.g. in a match, in a tournament, in a single defence situation).
The whole chain consits of the following single elements:
- using of the feet and upper-body roation more power if time and situation allows it
- using upper arm (movement in the sholder joint)
- using elbow extension
- using lower arm rotation
- using wrist action
- using finger action to create even more speed
See for yourself and try to recognize the key points:



Diemo Ruhnow

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