VIDEO An exercise for changing the grip in Badminton

The change of grip is an important element of a good Badminton technique. Without the right grip the whole technique could fall apart. As in Badminton there is not much time between two strokes, the change and adjustment of the grip should be as fluent and as fast as humanly possible.

As I said in the introducation the change and transition from one grip to another is an important ability in Badminton. Without the right grip for any specific Badminton stroke, the technique will never be optimal. Its like building a house without a good basement - without a good foundation, the whole thing will fall apart. By recognizing that, it should be 100% clear at what player stage exercises for change of grip should be implemented - as early as possible. 
First start with multishuttle exercises - my favorite (I will show it later in another article) is at the net playing lift shots. After the priciple and the basic technqiue is clear, you should move to the next step and implement fluent exercises - this could look like in the following video:



Diemo Ruhnow

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