Badminton Technique - How to learn the Yong Bo Drop Deception in Badminton

Li Yong Bo, leading coach of Badminton China, was the first one to use the deceptive shot from the rear court that was by this reason named after him. See in the following video, how the shot could be broken down and taught to kids and beginners in Badminton training.

Badminton Technique - How to learn the Yong Bo Drop Deception in Badminton

The Yong Bo Drop is an efficient weapon from the rear court in Badminton doubles. Wether it is Women’s Double, where Gresya Polii from Indonesia is a great example for this technique, or Mixed and Men’s Doubles where the Big Three from China (Nan Zhang, Cai Yun, Fu Haifeng) or former Anthony Clark from England where real life best practice examples of this shot.

The main effect of this shot is to show the opponent a hard smash and actually - like a Badminton trick shot - play a soft short drop. The deception is created by the whole body. A good offensive leaning stance or jump in the air with excessive upper body pretension, a first explosion in the hip and trunk with a fast following arm and its racquet approaching the shuttle should be executed in a manner that makes the opponent getting ready for a big impact. But right before actually meeting the shuttle, the whole movement is stopped abruptly and a soft drop is played.

In the rolling video you can see, how the different parts can be separated, trained in that order and than put back together on the court. Enjoy!


Diemo Ruhnow

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