VIDEO Double Defense – Practice Technique in High Speed

At the beginning of technique learning imitating with slow motions and having less pressure helps in learning a new skill. But once acquired the new skill has to be put in more game like situation. Especially when it comes to double defense, speed is required.

The following video shows double defense technique learning’s second step. Before that practicing the technique at slow speed when the coach throws shuttle is essential to program the right motor program. However, it is very important to make to defense not only precise but fast. The player has to learn to be ready soon after the previous stroke which has a lot to do with putting the racket back into neutral defensive position which requires a shorter follow-trough and quick explosive acting back, but also with focusing the eyes towards the new shuttle and making readjustment for getting the racket (as well as the body) into a good new starting position for the next stroke.

The task of the coach is to recognize “the speed limit”. This is the point, where technique breaks down. When the technique breaks down, something is to slow. Most of the times it is the points stated above. Recognizing this, giving feedback, making corrections, speeding up and slowing down the feeding so that the player is in the challenging zone - these are the major task of the coach. Before the coach is able to do this, there are a lot of practice hours doing multi shuttle “over head”. Only when the feeding occurs automatically – real coaching can take place. And remember, coaching is, when the player has learned.

Here is the exercise video:



Diemo Ruhnow

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