VIDEO Badminton Technique: Feint Shot with Grip Change

Grip change in Badminton is an essential skill that beginners should practice early as possible. The following Badminton trick shot is a fun way to do this.

As I stated in early articles (Grip Change, Learning Deceptive Shots) there are more then three grips in Badminton. The same stroke but numerous different situations and positions on court require a slight adjustment of the grip – so how practice this? 

The key component for this is for me the ability to switch between different grips fast and without having to think about it in the situation. So learning to change from one grip to another is the important skill here.

The following Badminton technique is not only a possible way of an exercise for changing the grip, it is also a fun and motivating way of working on this. For this Badminton trick shot you start with a slight forehand grip and have the starting position in the forehand corner just as if you want to play a forehand drop shot or a lift. Before hitting the Badminton shuttle you turn the grip in your hand clockwise until you have a have thumb grip – try not to use the wrist for turning the racket head. In the right position you actually perform a backhand shot – cross lift in deep forehand corner.

Here the video:


Diemo Ruhnow

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About the author:

Diemo Ruhnow is currently working as Head National Coach Doubles for the German Badminton Federation. In his free time he writes for his websites (English), (German) and other Badminton journals.

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