Tactics & Tactical Training in Badminton

Tactic Introduction to Section „Tactic"
This introduction gives a complete overview about the content and videos you will find in the TACTIC section – for a better and faster navigation inside Diemo Ruhnow’s Badminton Training.
Using Deceptive Shots Effectively – An Example Badminton Tactic Exercise
Learning deceptive shots at an early training age is not only fun for children but when you consider it as specific coordination training valuable – but not only the technical part should be taught, also the effective application must be learned.
VIDEO Badminton Multi Shuttle: 5 Important Exercises for the Net Player in Badminton Doubles
Multishuttle exercises are an important tool in developing Badminton players. Especially for double and mixed players in Badminton it could be an essential tool for working at higher speed to improve performance on court.
VIDEO Badminton Tactic: An Easy Change to a Well-known Exercise
Three against one corner is a pretty common exercises used everywhere in the Badminton world. Single change can make the exercise more challenging and bring something variation for the players.
Badminton Technique - Develop Quickness for a Fast Play at the Net in Badminton Doubles
Badminton Men’s Double is the fastest of all 5 disciplines, slightly followed by the net scenes in a Badminton Mixed Doubles - quick decisions and follow ups especially essential at the net. The following articles shows two multi shuttle exercises that can be used to develop your net game.
VIDEO Badminton Double Rotation - Part 1
Attack rotation and covering of the court is an important and interesting part in Badminton doubles. In this series you will find the double rotation tutorials in one article.
Badminton Double Rotation - Part 2
In the first part I explained via an iPad app 3 of the 4 attack systems in Badminton - in the second and coming up third part I will give insides into how to teach the systems and the missing 4th system "Indo attack".
Badminton Doubles Attack Tactics - Introduction of Double Rotation 1
Double attack or rotation in attacking is always a big topic for players and coaches. There are different systems and of course differents ways of implementing those.
Badminton Doubles Attack Tactics - Introduction of Double Rotation 2
In the first part we introduced the side-by-side attack system with multi shuttle. It is essential for transfer to the game, that we introduce live shuttle as fast as possible.
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