Badminton Doubles Attack Tactics - Introduction of Double Rotation 2

In the first part we introduced the side-by-side attack system with multi shuttle. It is essential for transfer to the game, that we introduce live shuttle as fast as possible.

In the first part of "Badminton Doubles Attact Tactics" I talked about different systems and the first step of introduction the side-by-side attack with multi shuttle.

After 1-4 sessions depending on the level of your players and duration of those sessions it is necessary to take the next steps, otherwise the multi-shuttle-dilemma comes into play and actually players learn to behave wrong on court.

So if you are close to that step, it is crucial to go ahead:

Full speed rotation:

For the players it is important to actually learn that their movement and covering behaviour goes hand in hand with their stroke selection and quality but also of course with the possibile and plausible stroke solutions / selection of the opponent. So we have to start exercises with one shuttle - this can be done as a coach with 1vs2 exercises but also of course with 4 players or 3 players 1 coach in 2vs2 exercises. This could look like this:

Live Shuttle Rotation from Defense:

Basically this is the same stroke selection from the feeding / defense side as in the multi shuttle - a big diffrence is besides timing of movement the "closing the net" / "going to the net" desicion. E.g. normally it is a golden rule, that when you or your partner plays a drop shot, one has to cover the net. But this is actually only half the truth. You cover full net, when the opponent only has the option to play a) net or b) back court, but cannot c) play hard to the sides. And this is true on a good drop shot, but not maybe on a set up drop shot that is bad quality or anticipated or/and attacked from the defence side. You will normally see, that even if players mastered the multi shuttle intro, they will have difficulties at some points with life shuttle. But this is what training is for.

The next step would be to train the attack after transition. There are many options in the serve / return area, about you can literally start in any situation before than going into attacking mode - and again - you will see players having difficulties transition from the one situation into the attack situation. An example can be seen here (quite simple, but you get the idea):

Live Shuttle Rotation start with Serve:

Hope you enjoyed the small introduction - if you have more questions, shoot me an email or contact me on social media (see below).

Best wishes, Diemo

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About the author:

Diemo Ruhnow is currently working as Head National Coach Doubles for the German Badminton Federation. In his free time he writes for his websites (English), (German) and other Badminton journals

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