Badminton Technique - Develop Quickness for a Fast Play at the Net in Badminton Doubles

Badminton Men’s Double is the fastest of all 5 disciplines, slightly followed by the net scenes in a Badminton Mixed Doubles - quick decisions and follow ups especially essential at the net. The following articles shows two multi shuttle exercises that can be used to develop your net game.

Badminton multi shuttle exercises are very important for double players. But why so? The normal frequency of these deciding moments is - especially in training - not always sufficient to develop good and fast net skills. The same counts for live shuttle exercises where even one against two exercises could be difficult if you have a superb net player working against two players in defense.

The following two exercises can be used to develop the necessary speed:

Exercises 1 - Kill & Cover (Closed Exercise):

Exercise 2 - Kill & Cover (Open Exercise):


Diemo Ruhnow

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