VIDEO Badminton Tactic: An Easy Change to a Well-known Exercise

Three against one corner is a pretty common exercises used everywhere in the Badminton world. Single change can make the exercise more challenging and bring something variation for the players.

Eventhough the number one goal in Badminton is to score point, most of the points in Badminton are made trough either un-forced or opponent forced mistakes. So, bringing the shuttle over the net over and over again, preferably in best quality, is one important goal in Badminton training. 

One standard exercise for that is "Three against One Corner", where you have one feeder in one corner moving the working athlete around in three corners. The feeder has two main options: standing in one front court corner he can play a short block and lift to both rear court corners or the second possibilty, that he is standing in one of the rear court corners, being able to hit long-line clears and drop shots into both front court corners.

Two possible variations of these exercise are shown in the video (explanation in German, though the exercises itself are pretty obvious): 

a) player roles change after a certain number of shots - that makes it easies to have a specific workload or interval time for each player

b) corners change after a certain number of shots - the working player here is working on a variety of strokes in one exercises.

See for yourselves:


Diemo Ruhnow

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