VIDEO Moving Better on Court – Part 2: Footwork Rhythm

A lot of talk about footwork is often held about technique as in patterns, explosive starting, quick corrective steps and fast recovery from the corners. Often overlooked but more important is the right timing of footwork or footwork rhythm.

Footwork rhythm was already a topic in the previous article “Exercise Progression For A Fluent Footwork Rhythm” where a court specific exercise progression was presented. However beginners need to know how rhythm in sports, which is not so different from rhythm in music or dancing, felt like.
The important part of rhythm in Badminton is the chance of speed on court from explosive movements to slow speed movement right before the moment where the opponent meets the shuttle. Two possible exercises using side steps could be used to exercise these differences.

These could be side to side:
Or front and back:
The important thing is for the player to feel the rhythm: getting slower and then explosive in the first push. 
Diemo Ruhnow

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About the author:

Diemo Ruhnow is currently working as Head National Coach Doubles for the German Badminton Federation. In his free time he writes for his websites (English), (German) and other Badminton journals.

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