Badminton Footwork: Working with many Players on One Badminton Court

Organizing whole court footwork in a training session could be tricky as usually there are far more players than courts and also feeding could be kind of a problem. This video shows how 8-10 players could easily organized on 2 courts using only 1-2 feeders and working on footwork to three different corners.

As stated in other articles in this section for me as a coach to main things make a Badminton player a better mover on court: beeing able to show proper footwork into the around-the-head corner and to start from a broad base position without stopping. 

The following video shows, how this can be build into an exercise, that can easily be done with 4-5 kids on one court and 8-10 kids on two Badminton courts using only 1-2 feeders (with one feeder one court has so collect shuttles while the other court practises). In the video you can see different stages on Badminton footwork, with the kid in the blue showing the most progressed footwork. 

The idea is the following: execute malay step with scissors jump, go back to center of play using normal running steps, start into backhand corner and play a lift, go back to middle and play drop shot at the net into front forehand corner. 


Diemo Ruhnow

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