Badminton Footwork: Explosiveness & Quickness on Court

Being fast is as important as being an efficient mover on the Badminton court. A good single player has not only to show good specific movements, but also has to be able to sprint sometimes longer distances on court while still show good control of the shuttle at racquet impact.

The following exercise I used a lot for improving speed on court after players can show proper footwork technique into the front court. For me three key areas are critical here:

1) Explosiv start - emphasize that by touching the line and turn fast into running direction

2) Maximum acceleration - these are only 3 large and quick steps, so they have to be as fast as humanly possible every single step

3) Have good control and posture at racquet impact and good stability in the lunge

Overall I would suggest to do 3-6 rounds of 5-10 shuttles - depending of the levels of the player. Remember the three key points and adjust the numbers with the goals in mind!


Diemo Ruhnow

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