VIDEO Badminton Strength Training: Complete Upper Body Training

Strength training is critical for a Badminton player who is training for performance enhancement. Besides a proper lower quarter and core strengthening training, training for the upper body is not only important to get stronger but to stay healthy.

As stated in the introduction, strength training could be benefitial to both performance and health. A good tool that is used throughout the sports world are stability bands (e.g. TRX as seen in the videos), not only are these tools that are affordable and can be used everywhere, even on the road and on tournaments, but they provide many functional benefits. 

Functionality at a high level is provided because all exercises are closed-chain exercises. They provided extra requirements on not only core but whole body stability and because of the unstability that comes with the bands, every upper body exercises becomes a shoulder prehab exercise.

The videos are showing three important exercises for the upper body: stability band push-ups, stability band mid-trap rows and stability band lat rows - working both the major mucles of the chest and back, but also a the minor but important mucles groups that protect the shoulder. The exercises intensity could be easily modified by increasing or decreasing the angle and by this putting more load to it. This can be seen for example in the first two videos with the first one working at a 45 degree angle and a much harder version in the second with where bands are at the same height as the feet. Same can be seen in the third and fourth video, but with slight changes in the exercises.

Before talking numbers, have a look at the videos:

Stability Push Up 45 Degrees:

Stability Push Up:

Stability Mid-Trap Row 45 Degrees:

Stability Lat Row:

As you can see in the videos, it is very important to have the athlete completely move in one piece - this ensures not only quality work for the target muscles, but also simultaniously working the athltes' pillar (hip-core-shoulder-complex).

If starting with these exercises, choose a working angle where you can complete 3 sets of 12-15 reps of all of the three exercises for a period of 4-6 weeks to build up a good foundation. From week to week, choose new (and harded) angles, but especially when you or your athletes begin using these exercises, progress slowly to ensure quality movement. After a period of 4-6 weeks and 1 week off for adaptation, you can try working even harder with angles that allow 3 sets of 6-8 reps per exercises for 3-4 weeks before either change to different exercises or to work on more explosive movents in the same exercises. Be sure, that quality comes first - and if in doubt consult an experienced strength training or Badminton coach.


Diemo Ruhnow

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