VIDEO Badminton Coordination Training: Agility Ladder Exercises

Footwork, Coordination and Agility training is an important part in Badminton fundamentals. The important thing in coordination training is besides the sports relevancy that players practice a variety of exercises and that there is a progression - if there is no new input - players will not get better at the sport. This article shows 5 different videos with different exercises and progressions.

Posted a long time ago but never build into this site - five different videos of exercises that could give you some inspiration in agility training for Badminton using cones and agilty ladders:

Video No.1:

Video No.2:

Video No.3:

Video No.4:

Video No.5:


Diemo Ruhnow

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About the author:

Diemo Ruhnow is currently working as Head National Coach Doubles for the German Badminton Federation. In his free time he writes for his websites (English), (German) and other Badminton journals.



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