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Warming up in Badminton is of course essential as in every sport. The following article gives an important idea how a program can be more than „just functional“.

For the last years I keep updating my Badminton specific warm up protocols to make it even more effective and also efficient. A warm up program, especially in youth training should not only be functional (for what that means read the following article - klick here), but also should and can focus Badminton technique in a way that is preparing, enhancing or using Badminton specific movement on court. The latter idea was especially emphasized by my good colleague Jacob Ohlenschlaeger in a seminar about youth training in Badminton.

By using not only functional exercises in warm up but also using low impact agility exercises and putting more Badminton specificity into simple task as running, sidesteps and cross over steps, the Badminton coach can directly address and on court movement quality.

Before giving a sample program, I would like to give an example so that it is more easy for the reader to get to point. Most of the Badminton players using side or chassey steps in their Badminton warm up routine. By focusing on stay low and by this having a lower center of mass, pushing with the outside (not pulling with the lead leg) and a broad feet position, the coach can focus on many possible errors occurring on the Badminton court. This is purely technical. If this is going correct, the next thing one could add is a good rhythm. Like in a Badminton rally there should be a quick first step and push and some slowing down while changing directions. After having explained that, the coach should look out for these key point and make corrections and give hints if necessary.

A complete Badminton warming up routine for a training session could look like this:

1) Glute Activation with Miniband

2) Running

3) Running with arm circling backwards

4) Running with double contacts (each leg)

5) Running with double contacts (left leg double contact, right leg single contact)

6) Running with double contacts (right leg double contact, left leg single contact)

7) Dynamic Stretch: Heel to Butt

8) Dynamic Stretch: Knee to Chest

9) Cross Over Steps 9)Sidesteps – Focus on staying low

10) Sidesteps – Focus on pushing with outside leg

11) Sidesteps – Focus on Rhythm

12) Skipping

13) Handwalk

14) Lunges with Rowing

15) Swimming on the Floor

16) Glute Bridge Up and Down

17) Overhead Squats with Racquet

Here are some of the exercises of the program:

Glute Activation with Miniband:


Dynamic Stretch: Knee to Chest




Sidesteps Lateral - Focus on rhythm and pushing


Sidesteps Linear - Focus on rhythm and pushing


A complete collection with detailed description and 8 full sample program with more then 500 photos will be soon available as PDF and iBook-Document in the Shop (Currently in German as PDF-File, English coming soon).   


Diemo Ruhnow

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About the author:

Diemo Ruhnow is currently working as Head National Coach Doubles for the German Badminton Federation. In his free time he writes for his websites (English), (German) and other Badminton journals.




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