Update: "Endurance" becomes "Physical" Training for Badminton

Because of its growing content, I changed some of the folders and arranged some topics. The former endurance training for Badminton becomes now physical training for Badminton and endurance as well as strength and power related content will merge here.

 This seciton will cover different training topics related to physical training in Badminton:

- strength training for Badminton

- edurance & intervall training for Badminton

- power & plyometrics in Badminton

The other "new" section "warm up for Badminton" will cover also some physical aspects, but only exercises, progressions and ideas that can be used as part of a warm up routine or game. For example the exercise "Handwalk" is a functional strength training exercises both suitable for a core strengthing program but can also be used in a warming up program for Badminton and will therefore be found in both sections.

Hope you find this useful,

Diemo Ruhnow


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About the author:

Diemo Ruhnow is currently working as Head National Coach Doubles for the German Badminton Federation. In his free time he writes for his websites http://www.badminton-training.com (English), http://www.badminton-training.de (German) and other Badminton journals.

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