VIDEO Badminton Warm Up Exercise – Warming Up with Minibands - Part Two

Part One of "Warming Up with Minibands" dealt with the important hip complex - but equally important for healthy Badminton is the shoulder complex. One time in use, the Miniband could be used for warming up and also strengthen the shoulder.

A lot of thoughts about a functional warming up program for Badminton are already presented in the first 3 already online articles in the strength training section . You can always refer there for a complete program and more insights.
As the Badminton game itself puts a lot of stress through hard and fast hitting movement over the head on the shoulder, there is definetely a need for a special warm up. Movement you should do for general preparation are arms swings, arm and shoulder circles as well as using the arms and shoulder in the right while doing proper running mechanics in jogging - if you done about 5 min of general warming up and already use the miniband for miniband rotation and straight leg walk, which are great exercises not only for warming up and activation of the hip, but also injury prevention and performace wise, you should use the band also for the easy strenthening of the shoulder.
The exercises presented in the video are Miniband Rows and Miniband Lat - both addressing the shoulder muscles and muscles of the upper back. These muscles are imporant to guide the humerus in an efficient, stable way and therefore protecting us form overuse injuries - if they are warmed up properly and strengthend. 

Have fun trying it,

best wishes,

Diemo Ruhnow 

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