VIDEO Badminton Coordination Training - An Interesting Progression

Agility & coordination training is critical for a good foundation. For a Badminton player it is very important to execute different footwork techniques and simultaneously work with the racquet for producing optimal strokes. The following article contains an interesting progression presented by Matthias Hütten (National Coach Juniors Germany).

As stated in the introduction, it is very important for every game sport athletes to be able to do different things with his feet and his arms at the same time. The following videos give you some inspiration how a good fundamental exercises progression could look like where different movements are combined. If you do not speak German, just forward a little bit to see how it looks like.

Video No.1/6:

Video No.2/6:

Video No.3/6:

Video No.4/6:

Video No.5/6:

Video No.6/6:


Diemo Ruhnow

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