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Warming up in sports is more than essential. Both articles about functional training and warming up for Badminton draw much interest to this topic. Diemo Ruhnow’s Warming Up – Sheets provide a perfect overview about useful warming up exercises – exclusively for subscribers of the FREE newsletter.

The Warming-Up-Sheets are a collection of 21 exercises that could be used in a warm up program. I originally put them together from a Level-2-Badminton Coaching Education Series in 2008 – you can print them (laminate if you have the option), put them in your racket bag, give them a trial and integrate them in your or your players and athletes regular training. Through the numerous exercises presented a lot variety in the warming up progress is guaranteed.

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The download will be available HERE - the password you need to open the file will be send to newsletter subscribers only.


Diemo Ruhnow

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