Warming Up & Agility Training for Badminton

VIDEO Badminton Warm Up Exercise – Warming Up with Minibands
Warming up in sports has many goals. For example the pulse rate should go up, muscle temperature should go up or synovial fluid should enter the joints to make the bones run smoothly in them – in short terms: the body is getting ready to perform. But why not achieve more at the same time?
Functional Warming Up for Badminton
Warming Up in Badminton as in any other sport is essential. Using a functional approach you can achieve much more while using functional warm up exercises instead of just jogging and stretching.
NEWSLETTER ONLY – Badminton Training – Warming Up Correctly
Warming up in sports is more than essential. Both articles about functional training and warming up for Badminton draw much interest to this topic. Diemo Ruhnow’s Badminton-Training.com Warming Up – Sheets provide a perfect overview about useful warming up exercises – exclusively for subscribers of the FREE newsletter.
VIDEO Badminton Warm Up Exercise – Warming Up with Minibands - Part Two
Part One of "Warming Up with Minibands" dealt with the important hip complex - but equally important for healthy Badminton is the shoulder complex. One time in use, the Miniband could be used for warming up and also strengthen the shoulder.
VIDEO - An intelligent Badminton specific Warm Up
Warming up in Badminton is of course essential as in every sport. The following article gives an important idea how a program can be more than „just functional“.
VIDEO Badminton Coordination Training - An Interesting Progression
Agility & coordination training is critical for a good foundation. For a Badminton player it is very important to execute different footwork techniques and simultaneously work with the racquet for producing optimal strokes. The following article contains an interesting progression presented by Matthias Hütten (National Coach Juniors Germany).
VIDEO Badminton Coordination Training: Agility Ladder Exercises
Footwork, Coordination and Agility training is an important part in Badminton fundamentals. The important thing in coordination training is besides the sports relevancy that players practice a variety of exercises and that there is a progression - if there is no new input - players will not get better at the sport. This article shows 5 different videos with different exercises and progressions.
VIDEO Badminton Footwork: Semi-specific Footwork On and Off-Court
Training variety is an important thing when it comes to practice coordination and agility. Often stationary footwork and agility ladders are used for Badminton footwork training. This article shows two different but easy organized ways to practiced it - for maximum training diversity.
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