All Aspects of Physical Training for Badminton

Introduction to Section „Endurance“
This introduction gives a complete overview about the content and videos you will find in the BASICS section – for a better and faster navigation inside Diemo Ruhnow’s Badminton Training.
Spring- and Summertime – General Preparation Time – Part One
Especially about endurance or energy system training there is a lot of discussion and different philosophies and opinions out there. But without a doubt a solid aerobic base is one important factor for a successful yearlong season.
A surprising FMS result in Badminton athletes
Last year I get the honor to write an article for Michael Boyle and his site (see the banner on the right side). One of my best articles tells some surprises when taking the FMS with Badminton athletes.
VIDEO Strength Training at Home or „On the Road“
Strength training is best to be done in a reasonable equipped weight room - but most players do not access - at least full time - to one, especially on the road it can be sometimes tricky to stay in shape or in the process. However fundamental strength training for Badminton can be done with little to no equipment.
VIDEO The best stabilization exercise for Badminton
The shoulder and lower back are regions that often make problems for Badminton players - wether they are only playing on recreational basis or if they are more ambitious. A functional warm up program can help a lot and the exercise I would put in every program is Handwalk - discussed here in details.
VIDEO Time saving combination for better injury prevention
Always on the lookout for an even better program or exercise I came across „Inverted Rows with Miniband“ - in video and shortly discussed in this article.
VIDEO 4-in-1-Exercise for Coordination, Technique, Power and Stabilization
Lateral shuffle hops or as I call them „ice hockey stabilization“ is one on my favorite exercise when it comes to semi-specific enhancement of on-court movements.
Update: "Endurance" becomes "Physical" Training for Badminton
Because of its growing content, I changed some of the folders and arranged some topics. The former endurance training for Badminton becomes now physical training for Badminton and endurance as well as strength and power related content will merge here.
Interval Training in Badminton - Strength & Endurance Circuit
Interval training is in important concept in game sports. Not only it develops integrated endurance and strength, but referred as mental conditioning helps to strengthen the mental side of the game. This article shows some examples of interval circuits as well as some interchangeable exercises.
VIDEO Badminton Strength Training: Complete Upper Body Training
Strength training is critical for a Badminton player who is training for performance enhancement. Besides a proper lower quarter and core strengthening training, training for the upper body is not only important to get stronger but to stay healthy.
Regeneration and Injury Prevention in Badminton - 4 Massage Exercises You Should Do
Self-Massage exercises with a foam roller recently have become more and more popular in the performance and professional world in Badminton and many other game sports.
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